February 16, 2008

Outlandish love life in the midst of Out of Place Blogging

Do you have a lurking suspicion that your significant other may be cheating on you? You know, those strange impressions and feelings you get lately that he/she may be messing around sexually or otherwise and you want to find out why, who, where and why again? After the clues of their deceit come the names of the culprits. If you suspect your significant other to be cheating on you and want to find out who they are doing it with continue to read to the end.
11 signs of Infidelity – The infidel alarm
Your infidel alarm should go off for any or all of the following reasons:
1. When you hear your friends mention to you that she/ he has been acting un-seemingly for a loyal lover. Ouch
2. When your significant other exudes smells unfamiliar to you. Lipstick on collar, barely noticeable hickies any physical sudden differences may be cause for the infidel alarm.
3. If they are the type that usually always wants sex but lately for some reason they seem uninterested. Basically any unexpected change in their sexual habits should be a cause for the infidel alarm.
4. When your phone bill is a higher than usual. Long distance or other types of phone charges to cities unknown to people unknown. When you find phone numbers filling his/her cell phone that you have no clue who they are then this may be a cause for the infidel alarm. Ouch.
5. When you find that your lover has changed the password on the windows startup or has files locked or when in general anything requiring a password or a lock to be bolted on something that was previously free for you to explore thus hiding his/her dirty two-timing.
6. When your significant other starts caring or paying more attention to their looks like make-up etc when before with you they weren't that concerned.
7. If you happen to find your credit card has been billed to adultfriendfinder.
8. When your significant other comes home with amazingly strange gifts that he/she offers ludicrous explanations about where they came from.
9. When you receive more than your fair share of prank calls or just simply more strange phone calls where the caller hangs up on you. Ouch.
10. Be very weary of your significant other when they appear to be having a little too much fun chatting online and using their instant messaging systems too much. I sadly must admit this has been the cause of infidelity in too many of my friends, even marriages and kids can't seem to suffice in quelling the alarm of the infidel.
11. If you find any item that seems out of place, and your intuition is giving you the suspicion that your significant other is up to no good. Items like, strange panties, Hanes or other brands of underwear you know you didn't buy at Wal-mart, condoms when you don't use any, any type of strange articles of clothing, shirts, hair clips, rubber bands, cosmetics, accessories just little pieces of evidence where your significant other can't just put the to your faithful dog.
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