February 16, 2008

Small Japanese tip for U guys!

Created to help you improve your Japanese quickly

Follow this tips to really gain ground helping you masterJapanese

faster than you ever thought possible.

Todays Tip: How to easily turn any known noun into asay a noun is noun'ish' For example. In America when we want to say something has style we might say it is stylish, or technically that it bears strong resemblance of the noun style. Or pertains or bears an air of the noun. In Japanese we use noun+ ppoi. You could think of it this way, pretend you are in Hawaii dipping your words in poi and your word will come out looking like the thing you dipped it in. For example in Japanese . Its similiar to the -ly of adverbs If we want to say the car is sluggish ) osoppoi. Just like in English where we can stick ish on the tail end of just about any word

Througout these mini- japanese language tutoring lessons I'll be giving you a lot more useful tips to help you master that nihongo.