April 29, 2008

On saying goodbye incom[let

How to Say Goodbye in Japanese
Ghetto Grammar Supplement #95

Just as in the English language we have many ways of saying ‘goodbye’, the Japanese language also has many different ways of saying ‘sayonara.’ It’s strange because of all the expressions used by the Japanese to say goodbye, I rarely and I mean super rarely heard the traditionally taught term for goodbye, ‘sayonara’.
I also remember being a kid in an American elementary school growing up in Southern California and pretending to be Asian, I would pull my eyes to make them appear slanted and having the look of an oriental person I would go around saying, “A So^. A so^, A so^ desu ka. I didn’t know at the time what I was saying but it was fun making fun of my oriental neighbors with whom my future was intertwined with in a way in which I could have not yet known. A so desu in English means, is that so? A so^ desu ka means,” Is that right?”