July 28, 2008

Japanese grammar node

Verb (P.F. + NODE)

Node is made up of the particle no and the particle de.
NO is the emphatic ending participle while de is the location marker particle de (pronounced day without the dipthong more like the de of desk)

Meaning because I verb

The following are some example sentences showing how to use no + de at the end of an independent clause. The meaning is akin to the English . . . because.

1. Wakasugita node norimono ni noru koto ga dekimasen deshita

2. so datta node ikenakunatta – It is what it was so I can’t go now. (lit. because it was so…it has become the state where I am unable to go.)
そう だった ので 行けなくなった

To say that you did something (some action or predicate) There are many ways to say its equivalent in Japanese.