May 24, 2013

How to say please in Japanese

To form sentences that say please verb , use the following construction:

Verb in Base-TE + KUDASAI = Please verb

Japanese verbs to put into Base-TE

Iku - v. to go
Kaku - v. to write
Taberu - v. to eat
Isogu - v. to hurry (up)
Suwaru - v. to sit down
Hairu - v. - to come in, to enter

Iku in Base-TE = Itte
Kaku in Base-TE = Kaite
Taberu in Base-TE + Tabete
Isogu in Base-TE = Isoide
Suwaru in Base-TE = Suwatte
Hairu in Base-TE = Haitte

To complete the construction all you have to do is add KUDASAI

Itte + KUDASAI = please go
Kaite + KUDASAI = please write
Tabete + KUDASAI = please eat
Isoide + KUDASAI = please hurry up
Suwatte + KUDASAI = please sit down
Haitte + KUDASAI = please enter