May 24, 2013

Japanese Days of the Week

In Japanese, the days of the week are easy to learn. The days of the week from Sunday to Monday for a total of 7 days, all have one thing in common in Japanese. YO^BI or 'day'.
^ -long vowels

Long vowel that is pronounced like the English word ,"owe". For every day of the week in Japanese, you will find the word yo^bi pronounced like Kobe Bryant's first name. However, when romanizing the Japanese syllabary, it is common practice to pronounce i as an ee as in the word need. The Japanese vowel "e" is pronounced as the "e" in bed. Knowing this will surely improve our Japanese pronunciation.

How to say the "Days of the Week" in Japanese.

As in English, the words for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are the words Saturn's day, Sun's day, and the Moon's day. The word for day like we use in this sense is yo^bi. 
1. Sun   yo^bi
2. Moon yo^bi
3. Fire yo^bi
4. Water yo^bi
5. Wood yo^bi
6. Gold yo^bi
7. Saturn yo^bi    and . . .
                                      Sun = Nichi
                                    Moon = Getsu
                                       Fire = Ka
                                    Water = Sui
                                     Wood = Moku
                                       Gold = Kin
                                     Saturn = Do^ (long vowel O-)
do a little addition and we have  . . .
1. Sunday = Nichiyo^bi
2. Monday = Getsuyo^bi
3. Tuesday = Kayo^bi
4. Wednesday = Suiyo^bi
5. Thursday = Mokuyo^bi
6. Friday = Kinyo^bi
7. Saturday = Do^yo^bi
The only question I have is how did tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday get messed up? Has it anything to do with . . .  the Tower of Babel? I tend to think so.
As always, Ganbatte Ne! Do your Best! Makuarasuki