March 1, 2017

How to pray in Japanese

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Begin your prayer with an invocation to God so any of the following is suitable for a christian prayer in Japanese if you ever are called upon to bless the food in a Country that is 92% Buddhist. If you are lucky enough to be called upon to bless the food and say grace as some Christian churches call it.

Invocation possibilities




After invoking the presence of the Creator who dwells in TENGOKU mainly and he is very well beloved or ai shite iru or the God whom we love dweller of the heavens

Chichi naru kamisama - God our Father

As I was saying, after you do the Ten no otosama part then you will want to thank God for your many blessings. So some typical stuff you might want to bless could be said like the following.

(_____) ga aru koto ni kansha shite imasu - or your are thankful for having (____) etc.

then after you give thanks then go on to bless people, circumstances, situations, anything that you feel needs to be blessed by God or have something good happen to it then you could do it like this by saying

(____) o shukufuku shite kudasai and say please bless that (____) will happen or please honorifically bless whatever I say in the (____) O Lord. Say for example, ai suru kazoku o shukufuku shite kudasai where some christians take their language to the extreme honorifics and say for suru nasaru, so it would be ai suru kazoku of shukufuku nasatte kudasai which means, please bless the family whom I love.

and for the closing benedicts choose something with Jesus' name in it so you could use any of the following for closing your Christian Japanese Prayer in/

Iesu Kirisuto no minna ni yotte o inori moshiagemasu --- amen---

In the name of Jesus Christ, I humbly pray.

The language one uses to pray in Japanese is a lot like when English sounds like the King James version of the Old and New Testament with thee 's and thou's and ye and for behold, etc. The reverence you bring by your wordage will and can affect your prayer, and altitude of your attitude in my opinion. I hope that everyone that searched for How to pray in Japanese finds my little blog on the subject and hopefully found some use for it and God Bless you all of you! ....

Always remember to speak to God in Honorifics and humble yourself sufficiently. If you are praying in Japanese correctly there will not be too many words that are spoken colloquially. That is not to say that speaking to God however you feel comfortable with is wrong, I am just saying that in Japan, they really exaggerate the difference in the politeness of their speech when they speak with well... A higher power, a Deity like Kamisama. Now remember, in Japan holding the Bible is a sacred event. It's not just another book, it;s the word of TEN NO OTOSAMA - FATHER who dwells in Heaven.

So in Recap here is a full blown prayer in 4 main parts divided as such

remember that amen is pronounced aaaah men like the men in ramen even.

In Japanese we can say the following things in stead
1. Ai suru ten no otosama
2. (___) o kansha shite imasu
3. (___) o shukufuku nasatte* kudasai or try other verbs like mamoru, michibiku, taskeru etc.

bless all of us by saying
- Watakushi tachi o
a. michibiite kudasai - please guide us
b. mamotte kudasai - please protect us
c. tasukette kudasai - please help us

As always do your best

How to pray in Japanese by
Brett McCluskey