February 14, 2008

Koto ga aru

Japanese Verb in Base TA koto ga arimasu ka? Bunpo

VTA + ことがありますか? Have you ever verb'ed' before?

ex.1. Disneyland に行った ことがありますか? (Disneyland ni itta koto ga arimasu ka?) Have you ever been to Disneyland before?

Occasionally the が in the above example is omitted or exchanged for a ha as may be expedient. In plain form or less polite language you might hear VTA + こと ある(koto aru.)

ex. 2. 納豆 を食べた ことが あります か?( natto o tabeta koto ga arimasu ka?) Have you ever eaten natto before.

Ghetto After Blast Bonus Word - itadakimasu (before eating at the table in Japan)

いただきます ー to humbly partake