March 17, 2008

How to say I have asthma in Japanese

How to say, “ I have asthma”, in Japanese

To say that you have something or to imply that something exists somewhere not necessarily in your presence, you use the verb to have or aru. In Japanese this verb is used in quite a few different mannerisms as does English and its own verb to have, like having went, or I have not, or I have to go, I have five loafs and 2 fishes. I didn’t’ have that many, or Have you ever been to Disneyland. If de is added before the verb aru it is Japanese’s most useful non –needed verb to be or is. The use of is or the verb to be can be likened to Japanese de aru. De aru turns into de arimasu, or de gozaimasu. Aru in Exalted form is gozaru, or to honorifically possess or to have.
Zensoku - asthma