March 15, 2008

Plain Form + to Japanese grammar transformations

The Japanese particle to has usage similar to the more easily facilitated toki ni, and some could say that it is perhaps a distant relative of the tte morpheme denoting " quotes.

Any sentence that you would use toki ni , you could substitute and instead use just to. Use it in times when you want to say, " at some non-specific time. Examples will show you so much better than I can explain, here are some for your understanding ponderances. Go Japanese learner Go!
Japanese grammar, studying Japanese words, anything that is not in English is good for your language health. Ever striving towards better Japanese.

ex. 1) gyu^nyu o nomanai to seicho wa shinai

You wont grow strong and tall if you don't drink your milk!

ex. 2) oeru to - when it ends

After doing these two examples it occurs to me that the particle to more often means if than when. Thanks for staying tuned to your favorite saketalkie midngight Japanese language smorgasbord!

As Always,
Do your Best
Ganbatte Ne!