April 7, 2008

Japanese Masho^ bunpo

Let’s Do Something in Japanese
Today’s bunpo will show us how to say let’s verb in Japanese. We can invite someone to do something by saying shall we verb…? Two polite forms of this grammar VII + mashou –

To say let’s verb in Japanese politely you take any verb, ichidan or youdan, and put it into base II add + mashou and there you go another great plug and play grammar principle to improve your Japanese. Towards better Japanese in 9 months with 130 lessons using modern grammar principles using old school techniques.

Ex. 1. Let’s go to eat sushi somewhere. – Dokka no sushiyasan de tabe ni ikimashou!

Shall we go eat sushi somewhere? Dokka no sushiyasan in ikimashou ka?

Ex. 2. Let’s play baseball! – Yakkyu o yarimashou!

Shall we play baseball? Yakkyu o Yarimashou ka?

Ex. 3. Let’s go check it out! Itte mimasho!

Wanna go check it out? Itte miyou ka?

Ex. Shall we play a game. Gamu o yarimashou ka?

And there you have it plug and play Japanese grammar to impress your friends with .
Ganbatte ne! Do your best.