April 29, 2008

kirau, dake shika

Usage of Dake and Dake shika and shika

Hoshii dake or
Sore shika nai no da

Hoshikereba hoshii hodo

Kare dake shika imasen

Terebi dake shika arimasen

I think this way upon first glance that yes there is a woman and there is two rices but there is also a stabbing action going on like when you dislike something you put it on a pitch fork and chuck it away and yes since we live in a man's world, men probably made kanji first or were the only ones to use it and scribe it and thus this may have been seen as a womans job or it may have been seen as stabbing at the chick carrying the rice the one I hate. Either way excellent conversation and let me know what you think about the stable the rice wth a katana sideways for the kanji meaning theory hyposthesis. and check out my Japanese grammar pages and leave some comment too if you could I'm constantly trying to improve my lenses your help would be appreciated thanks in advance for everything and the discussion, I LOVE IT!