December 19, 2008

Japanese Adjectives –

Japanese Adjectives –
Grammar construction for –
It seems like adjective

It seems like its tasty
They seem happy
She seems vexed.
He seems

followed by NI, descriptive nouns become adverbs
A descriptive noun is a word that gives more detail or describes the noun to which it is attachedin question.
D.N. + SO^ DESU = seems like adjective

Kawaiso^ ni = pitifully, shamefully.

Shiawase so^ na = happily, seemingly happy

Seems to have this form adjective + So^ na
Isogashiiso^ na furi o shite
忙しいそう な 振り を して...– He feigns to be busy
(He is faking like he is busy.)

Kawai可愛いis the d.n. for cute. Intesified with the so marker and it becomes a different word.