May 24, 2013

Base 2 + so desu

To say that someone seems about to verb in Japanese, use the following construction:

Verb(base II) So^ desu

This one is an easily constructed grammar principle. First we take any verb we like and put it into base II.

Hanasu - to speak -
Hanasu(base II) = hanashi

Ochiru - to fall -
Ochiru(base II) = ochi

Naku - to cry
Naku(base II) = naki

add So^ desu to the base II of Japanese verbs will make the verb take on the nuance of things which are about to take place or that look like they are going to do it soon, ie. seems about to verb.

hanashi so^ desu
hanashiso^ desu - It seems he is about to speak

ochi so^ desu
ochiso^ desu - looks like they are about to fall down
For iru and eru ending verbs simply drop off the last syllable ru and add  So^ desu. For all other forms put into i ending.